Pathak Architectural Associates, is one of the largest architectural practices across Madhya Pradesh, comprises for more than 20 years an interdisciplinary team of architects, urban and regional planners, building and civil engineers and interior designers.

It is a full service architectural firm dedicated to the concept that architecture is a socially responsible and environmentally respectful pursuit. We are committed to making buildings of understated dignity, expressed through the play of light upon the natural beauty of materials.

The firm's reputation is based on providing the highest quality of professional services to every client. We strive to produce work that is creative, practical and economical, while keeping in mind the social, economic, environmental and aesthetic issues relevant to each project. We believe that buildings are best when they express their purpose and interact sympathetically with their surroundings

Our mission is to plan for people, to create spaces for people to live in, and to make sparing use of resources while maintaining a high level of design quality and environmental compatibility.

Our innovative concepts enable us to create an optimal standard of living with and inside the structures we design. Our architecture is not as an end in itself, but serves the needs of human beings. It is our contribution to society, our part in making the world a better place to live in.

The principals of the firm insist that client service is the key ingredient to any successful project, including good design, quality communications, accurate contract documents, thorough research, accurate cost estimation, meeting client deadlines and proper coordination of all consultant work.

Our firm operates on the team approach, bringing together owners, users and professionals in a collaboration of knowledge, needs and efforts, realizing greater results and enhanced solutions. We constantly strive to explore creative opportunities within each project undertake.

The strengths of all our team members are creativity, expertise, individual initiative and responsibility, enabling us to achieve the optimal outcome together…